Killgar: "Laugh it up, Trino, there's quite the bounty on your head... s..."
Trinosaur: "Huh? What, you guys are claiming my bounty?"
Killgar: "Yeah..."
Trinosaur: "But I'm claiming yours!"
Trinosaur quote

Killgar and Trinosaur, confused upon who's come for whom.[1]
Trinosaur Episode 1.5
Trinosaur meets the Starbarians in "Episode 1.5".
Appearances • "Episode 1.5"
Also known as Three-Rex
Gender Male
Note(s) • Has the heads of a Brachiosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus rex, and a Triceratops
Voiced by Harry Partridge

Trinosaur, also known as Three-Rex, is a character in Starbarians.

He is introduced in "Episode 1.5" as a three-headed dinosaur monster wanted in twelve systems for murder, slavery, thievery, and rape, but still has an accumulated bounty worth ten times less than that of the Starbarians'.

Biography Edit

Episode 1.5 Edit

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The two Starbarians, Killgar and Hogstrong, confront Trinosaur on a three-ringed planet. Trinosaur laughs as Hogstrong reads his crimes, which include "murder, slavery, [and] stealing from the rich and giving to the poor... then raping the poor". Trinosaur is surprised, however, believing that they were meeting so he could claim their bounty. Killgar and Hogstrong are shocked to find that they are wanted. Their crimes outnumber Trinosaur's, as does their bounty (the Starbarians' 500,000 to Trinosaur's 50,000) and the number of systems they are wanted in. Hogstrong pulls Killgar aside and tells him that they cannot bring Trinosaur in, being "way more wanted than he is". Hogstrong quickly formulates a plan.

Later, a newsreader reports that Trinosaur apparently devoured the two Starbarians, and was absolved of his crimes and awarded their bounty. A large crowd celebrates Trinosaur and the supposed death of the Starbarians, but it quickly transpires that Killgar and Hogstrong have killed Trinosaur and assumed his identity. Trinosaur's rotting corpse stands atop the stage, with Killgar and Hogstrong posing awkwardly inside, pretending to have been eaten.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Trinosaur" is a portmanteau of the words "tri" (a numerical prefix meaning "three") and "dinosaur".
  • Trinosaur's three heads seem to be that of a Brachiosaurus (his right head), a Tyrannosaurus rex (center head), and a Triceratops (his left head).
    • Only the center head has pupils in its eyes.
  • He also has four arms; his two center arms are much smaller, similar to the arms of a Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Trinosaur also features a pair of wings on his back; neither the Brachiosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus rex, nor the Triceratops had wings. Pterosaurs had wings, but despite common misconception they are not considered to be dinosaurs among the scientific community.[2]

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References Edit

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  2. Wikipedia: Pterosaur
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