Episode 1.5 planet

The planet, as it appears in "Episode 1.5".

The three-ringed planet is a planet that appears in "Episode 1.5" of Starbarians. The planet is unnamed in the episode, and is thus named in this article due to its most distinguishing feature: the three planetary rings that orbit the planet.

The two Starbarians, Killgar and Hogstrong, face Trinosaur on the planet. During the confrontation, two moons can be seen in the background; a golden moon similar in appearance to Galeron V appears behind the Starbarians[1] and a green, glowing moon appears behind Trinosaur.[2]

It is unknown if the rest of the events in the episode take place on the same planet or not; if they do, then the planet seems to have its own population of humanoids, including whatever race the newsreader belongs to.

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