The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians (Part 1)
The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians (Part 1) title card
Episode title card.
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Release date 19 September 2013
Length Newgrounds logo 4 minutes 2 seconds
YouTube logo 4 minutes 9 seconds
Note(s) • Partly funded by HuHa![1]
• The first of a story arc to be continued in future episodes[1]
Credits Harry Partridge (writer, director, voice actor, lead animator)
Joyce Oder (background colourist)
Brian Sadler (musician)
Marianne Miller (voice actress for Zoa)
Emma-Louise Wakley, Marion Bricaud (assistant animators)
Brandon Clark, Jake Ganz, Cal Moray, Audrey Kare, Joel Cheetham (YOTTA animation assistance)
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"The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians (Part 1)" is the second episode of Starbarians. Following an unexpectedly long time in development, the episode was released on YouTube on 19 September 2013[2] and on Newgrounds a week later on 26 September 2013.[3]

The episode is the first part of a story that will be continued into at least Episode 3,[4] and most likely further episodes.

Development Edit

The second episode of Starbarians was first confirmed to be in production by Harry Partridge in a YouTube comment.[5] It was originally expected to be released in August 2012 but was pushed back to September after "a nutty busy few months".[6] Later, Partridge expressed further doubt over whether it would be done by then.[7][8]

In a Facebook update posted on his 25th birthday, Partridge said he aims to publish more content more frequently in the future, starting with the release of Episode 2. He further said, "Monthly videos are something I can strive for at the very least, and though I've barely started, Starbarians Episode 2 within the next month would be a great way to kick off with more regular content", and that "It will be longer, funnier and smarter than the first with a far better grip on who the characters are".[6]

On 2 September 2012 Partridge livestreamed production of the episode,[9] animating two large troll-like beings swinging a dead warrior out of an arena. After the livestream finished, he said there would be more livestreams in the future as it helped keep him focused.[10]

On 1 November 2012, a still was posted via Twitter,[11][12] and as of mid-November, multiple livestreams have been cast.

On 17 November 2012, Partridge called out to animators, requesting those who were interested in helping out in doing paid work on the next Starbarians episode to join YOTTA, a freelance service that specialises in animation assist.[13] Necessary qualifications included:[14]

  • Strong drawing ability and the capability of drawing in the style needed on a given project
  • Working in Adobe Flash and producing frame-by-frame animation work, particularly inbetweens
  • Working under a contract and having the time to complete consistently assigned work under potentially demanding deadlines

The application process ended on 24 November.[15][16]

On 31 January 2013, some footage of the episode was included in a 2013 teaser by Partridge.[17]

In the video description of "Episode 1.5", which was released on 4 March 2013, Partridge wrote, "I didn't want a whole year to pass without new Starbarians stuff and hope it won't be anywhere near as long in the future" and mentioned that this episode "is coming out at over twice as long as ["The Starbarians' Die"]".[18]

On 11 May 2013, Partridge wrote in a Facebook update that after realising that it had currently taken him five months to develop the episode, he decided to animate an unrelated short called "Outsider". After finishing a commission at the end of May, Partridge affirmed that he'd be returning to work on finishing the episode and "Outsider".[19]

It was revealed on 18 June 2013 that Partridge had been offered a financial incentive to host the episode on another YouTube channel; having had a tough fiscal period and after consulting with his fans on Twitter, he decided that he was ultimately going to "probably" go ahead with it.[20][21][22]

Episode 2 tease

"Just a few more days..."[23]

On 10 August 2013, Partridge hinted with the inclusion of a screenshot that the episode would be released in just a few more days.[23]

On 16 August 2013, it was announced that the episode would be the first of two parts, the episode was "in the sound and lipsync stage" and that half of episode three has been completed.[24][4] Two images of the episode were posted following the announcement: one on 3 September 2013[25] and another on 10 September 2013.[26]

On 12 September 2013, Partridge stated that besides "a few sound effects and a lot of rendering", the episode was completed.[27] The episode was finished on the following day.[28] Partridge posted a Newgrounds blog update alongside the Twitter announcement which went into more detail: the episode would be roughly four minutes long – similar in length to "the 3-4 minute standard set by the first episode". The script ultimately ended up being three times as long as originally anticipated, "which dragged the process out horribly", and he plans to "release as many episodes as is neccessary [sic] to tell this story which [he aims] to conclude by the years end". Furthermore, as first noted in June, Partridge revealed that the episode was partly funded by the YouTube animation channel HuHa! and that it would be posted on their channel "some time soon" and on Newgrounds a week after.[1]

The episode was ultimately released on YouTube (on HuHa!'s channel) on 19 September 2013[2] and on Newgrounds a week later.[3] The events will be continued in Episode 3, and perhaps conclude in a fourth episode if the script is truly triple its initial length.[1]

Finance Edit

On 22 November 2012, Partridge expressed curiosity in whether people would rather pay $5 to watch a long cartoon rather than him starting a Kickstarter campaign, as it would potentially allow him to make a 45 minute Starbarians cartoon. He was considering this because the development of this current episode had already spanned three months and had at least another month's worth of work left; he stated it was the most ambitious thing he'd ever attempted, and paying for assistants and help had taken him "into the red".[29][30][31][32]

He considered charging for future cartoons that were twenty minutes or longer and asked his fans what they thought. Harry stated that he did not get the positive response that he'd hoped for, and ended by saying "Time will tell, but I can't spend more money on hiring help than I make in return".[33]

Plot Edit

A massive spaceship lands on an undeveloped primitive planet; exiting, the hostile invaders introduce themselves as the Eternoids and proclaim to the planet's peaceful denizens that their planet is now the Eternoids' new homeworld. The Eternoids then proceed to effortlessly and ruthlessly slay a few of the natives who attempt to fight back. When a female, Zoa, asks why the Eternoids are attacking them, the Eternoid leader states cryptically, "You have no idea. But if this world is as wretched as you say, what kind of fools will come to help you?"

Aboard The DD Rex, Hogstrong and Killgar decide to go on a mission after Killgar finds they are running low on their supply of meat. The two watch an advertisement for the galaxy-wide gladiator tournament Gladius and, their interest piqued, decide to head there. As they ready themselves, they miss an urgent mission prompt from the primitive planet desperately requesting help.

Transcript Edit

Scene 1 Edit

Child: Zoa!

Native female: What is it?

Native male #1: It's opening!

Eternoid leader: At last, a new homeworld is ours. Native lifeforms, we are the Eternoids! And we are here for good.

Native male #2: Invaders!

Native male #3: Monsters!

Zoa: Why are you doing this!? What could you possibly need our world for? You can see it is primitive; our weapons don't even hurt you!

Eternoid leader: You have no idea. But if this world is as wretched as you say, what kind of fools will come to help you?

Scene 2 Edit

Killgar: Any new missions, Hogstrong?

Hogstrong: Woah, Killgar, you actually wanna go on a mission?

Killgar: Urgh, when you put it like that... Guess it's back to eating.

Hogstrong: Figures...

Killgar: Close bedroom. Open refrigerator.

Hogstrong: What? What is it!?

Killgar: It's horrible, Hogstrong. We're running out of meat!

Hogstrong: Right... Well, we don't wanna starve. Guess we need a new mission after all. There's only one available. Let's see it.

Commentator: 'Ey big man! Do you like killing and/or being killed? Then come to Gladius to compete in our galaxy-wide gladiator tournament. There's gold, girls, and glory for killing whatever stinky alien you're pointed at. So come on down to Gladius today – we're running out of idiots!

Hogstrong: Huh. Now Killgar, does that sound like something you'd wanna do? Okay, well then, I guess we're going to Gladius! And absolutely nothing in the whole universe is going to stop that.

Video descriptions Edit

Over a year ago I started animating a very long script which I intended to be episode 2. Lots of footage was animated (lots more than seen here) but ultimately I decided to split it in to parts to start sharing it with the world. So, this episode 2 is PART ONE of a several episode story. I can't promise when the next installment will arrive but I'M ON IT.
It's HERE!! Episode 2 of Starbarians!
The incredibly strange creatures that stopped living and became mixed up with the Starbarians... Part One!
Animated by Harry Partridge:
Barbarians of the stars! Gladiators of the universe! Animated by Harry Partridge.[2]

Cut content Edit

Starbarians Episode 2 cut content

One of the removed scenes.

Two fully animated scenes were ultimately removed from the episode before its release, but Partridge stated that they were so short that he didn't mind about their removal. An animated .gif was posted of the first removed scene,[34] and the second was said to be "a close-up of some pupils moving";[35] both scenes involve the woman Killgar is seen having sex with briefly in the final episode and, when asked why the scenes were removed, Partridge answered that he did "have something planned for her character and it didn't fit. She should be unhappy about her situation, not bored."[36]

Reception Edit

As of 13 November 2013, "The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians (Part 1)" has over 385,000 views and 12,758 "likes" to 266 "dislikes" on YouTube[2] and over 110,000 views and an average rating of 4.59/5 stars on Newgrounds.[3]

Prior to its release, on 25 February 2013, Rondal of StrangeKidsClub described Starbarians as "a parody/love letter to cartoons from the 80s [...] [from] the gleefully twisted mind of animator Harry Partridge", and remained hopeful about the episode regarding its lengthy development.[37]

Aaron of ColdHardFlash, who previously positively remarked on "Episode 1.5",[38] stated that "the animation is TV-quality, and it’s damn funny too".[39]

Retrohelix's brief overview lauded the episode, stating that he "went there for the humor, but stayed for the boobs", while also noting his surprise that it hadn't "gone viral yet".[40]

Trivia Edit

  • Marianne Miller was thanked by Partridge via Twitter prior to the release of the episode, thus revealing her work for the episode but not her role (Miller voiced Zoa).[41]
  • Due to the episode being uploaded to HuHa!'s channel as opposed to Partridge's (because of HuHa!'s funding), Partridge released a video entitled "GO WATCH: STARBARIANS - Episode 2" on his own channel, directing his viewers to go and watch the episode.[42]
Animatic Killgar

The scene in the unreleased animatic.

  • A scene in this episode recalls a similar scene in the animatic, in which Killgar is seen casually having sex with a woman whilst eating meat from a plate resting on her back. In the animatic, she can also be seen giving Killgar fellatio when the scene zooms out to Hogstrong in the cockpit,[43] whereas in this episode the scene completely changes view when cutting to Hogstrong.
Episode 2 tease

An uncensored image posted on 10 August 2013;[23] the scene in the final episode is censored both on YouTube and Newgrounds, although the French dub isn't.

  • The episode is censored on both YouTube and Newgrounds: when Killgar is having sex with an unnamed woman, a blur can be seen below. Starbarians is no stranger to censorship on YouTube, but it may be considered surprising that the blur is also present on Newgrounds, especially when a screenshot posted a little over a month before the episode was released lacked any kind of censor.[23]
    • The French dub of the episode, which is also uploaded on YouTube, is not censored.[44]
    • Incidentally, the image of the censored scene from this episode was deleted from this wiki by Wikia admins.
Episode 2 screen

The window that Hogstrong minimizes is only seen on screen momentarily.

  • The two Starbarians find their missions on a database called Kargslist, a parody of Craigslist.[45]
    • Before Hogstrong brings up the aforementioned database, he minimizes a window. The text on the left of the window reads, "Gamma Sector Alpha 9. Techno gibberish no one will ever read. It just needs to look like something.", while the text on the right, underneath three orange bars, reads, "Some orange things".[46]

Gallery Edit

Click on any of the images in this gallery to view them at a larger resolution.

Video Edit



Starbarians episode 2: "The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians (Part 1)"

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