"For agreeing to slay The Beast of Gorlax, the Starbarians are treated to one month of alcohol, orgies, and the most succulent meat the galaxy has to offer... for they may never return..."
The Beast of Gorlax quote
— The narrator, during the opening of the teaser.[1]
The Beast of Gorlax
The Beast of Gulax Teaser
An image of The Beast of Gorlax seen in the teaser, before Killgar rips it down.
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Note(s) • Only briefly seen in an image

The Beast of Gorlax is a character in Starbarians. Introduced briefly in the teaser, it is never encountered by Killgar and Hogstrong as they decide not to slay the monster.

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The two Starbarians, Killgar and Hogstrong, stop over on the planet of Mammoria. The citizens there ask the Starbarians for help in killing The Beast of Gorlax; in return, the Starbarians are treated to one month's worth of alcohol, sex, and food. However, as they are given this reward before dealing with the monster, they decide that once the month has passed, there is no need to slay the beast, and simply leave.

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  1. Episode: Teaser
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