"Set coordinates to planet Terrax."
Terrax quote
Killgar, obliging the King of Space's command to rescue his daughters from the villain Scrotor.
Animatic Planet Terrax

The Starbarians head towards the planet Terrax, avoiding a few asteroids along the way.

Terrax is a planet that appears in the animatic. The episode's villain, Scrotor, has a lair situated on the planet, and the two Starbarians Killgar and Hogstrong land on the world after the King of Space requests they rescue his one hundred daughters from Scrotor.

After killing a rare form of a Terrachian Moonslug native to the planet 2,000 miles away from the lair, they stop off at a bar and, after a bar fight, destroy it and leave on hovering motorcycles, each with a woman in tow. At the end of the animatic, the narrator states that they eventually saved the women from Scrotor, but not until after they had dined with the mutant thieves of Threndor; pleased the Snake-slugs of Glycon; rode dragons made of guns; and battled the ferocious Zab, which may or may not have also been situated on the planet.

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