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The teaser's title card.
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Release date 3 September 2010
Length Newgrounds logo 48 seconds
YouTube logo 1 minute 3 seconds
Note(s) • Introduced viewers to the series
• First appearances of Hogstrong and Killgar in an animation
Credits Harry Partridge (writer, animator, voice actor)
Brian Sadler (musician)
Joyce Oder (colourist)
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The Starbarians' Die

The teaser for Starbarians introduced viewers to the planned animated series, and marked the first appearance of the Starbarians in animated form, who had previously appeared only in early images.[1][2]

It was uploaded to Newgrounds on 3 September 2010,[3] and a censored version was uploaded to YouTube over three weeks later, on 25 September 2010, after the original version was flagged and removed.[4]

Plot Edit

During their travels, the Starbarians, Killgar and Hogstrong, arrive on the planet Mammoria and agree to help its citizens by slaying The Beast of Gorlax. In return for their help, they are treated to one month of alcohol, sex, and food beforehand.

However, after the month has passed, they renege on their promise and simply decide to leave. After the credits finish, the viewer is left with a message that the Starbarians will return.

Transcript Edit

Scene 1 Edit

Narrator: During their ongoing mission, the Starbarians stop over on the planet of Mammoria. For agreeing to slay The Beast of Gorlax, the Starbarians are treated to one month of alcohol, orgies, and the most succulent meat the galaxy has to offer... for they may never return...

Scene 2 Edit

Hogstrong: Ah, that sure was a month, eh Killgar? Are we gonna go kill that monster now?

Killgar: Heh heh, nah.

They both laugh as they walk off.

Video descriptions Edit

Okay so not a teaser exactly, but way too short to be called an episode. This was really an experiment to see if I could pull off the animation like I had hoped and be funny at the same time. There's definitely some changes I'd like to make before I take these guys for a second outing but all in all I'm happy.
Mad props to the talented Sucho for her moral support and frame colouring goodness and also a thanks to the brilliant Brian Sadler for the Starbarians theme. I could not have hoped for better helpers in making this.[3]
HERE WE GO AGAIN! This is an edited version of the original which was removed from Youtube.
Meet Hogstrong and Killgar: THE STARBARIANS![4]

Censorship Edit

Main article: Censorship
"This is an edited version of a video which was originally pulled from Youtube for being "sexually provocative".
The offending imagery has been removed. Pause and look; there is not a single sexual organ or female nipple in sight. Please don't pull it again Youtube people.

— Disclaimer[5]
Starbarians teaser Mammoria (original).png Starbarians teaser Mammoria (censored).png
Mammoria in the original teaser available on Newgrounds.
Mammoria in the censored teaser available on YouTube.

The original version of the teaser was flagged and removed from YouTube for being "sexually provocative"; more than three weeks later, Harry Partridge uploaded an edited, censored version of the teaser. Despite there being no explicit content originally, the planet of Mammoria's nipple-like volcano was since removed from the two space scenes, and Partridge placed a disclaimer at the beginning of the video regarding its censorship.[5]

The original, unedited version can still be seen on Newgrounds.[3]

This would not be the only time an animation would be removed from YouTube for showing nipples in a non-sexual manner, as in 2013 Flash animator SexualLobster had his animation "Calcium Wrath" pulled for including a male character lactating. Having read the community guidelines, he strongly disagreed with the removal, stating that "nothing sexual [was] depicted or referenced", that "there [were] no female characters", and that "male nipples are permissable [sic] on YouTube". Similarly, he later uploaded an edited video.[6]

Differences from later episodes Edit

  • The Starbarians logo is slightly redesigned in later episodes.
  • The teaser has Hogstrong with a higher voice and Killgar with a lower voice; later episodes switch this around.
  • The Starbarians' spaceship has a complete redesign in later episodes; although it retains its similar metallic finish, it resembles a dinosaur/monster with breasts - an embodiment and combination of the Starbarians' simple desires.
  • It was initially created as a standalone video, though ended up becoming a full series due to popular demand and the positive feedback of the teaser.

Reception Edit

As of 2 March 2013, "Teaser" has over 1,990,000 views and 7,848 "likes" to 374 "dislikes" on YouTube[4] and over 1,160,000 views and an average rating of 4.42/5 stars on Newgrounds.[3]

Gallery Edit

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Video Edit

Starbarians (Teaser)

Starbarians (Teaser)

Starbarians teaser

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