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"In this cosmic hell of metal and magic, of future and fantasy, a new breed of warriors arise. Ruthless and inhumane, restless and unstoppable. They are the only good guys worse than the bad guys. They are Starbarians."
Starbarians premise[1]
Killgar Hogstrong The Starbarians' Die

The two Starbarians, Hogstrong (left) and Killgar (right), confront the villain Siad in the episode, "The Starbarians' Die".

The Starbarians are a duo of warriors. Consisting of Killgar and Hogstrong, the two characters travel the universe in search of fame and fortune, and the adventure that it brings.

History Edit

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Starbarians logo transition

A Starbarians logo/emblem seen during a transition after the Starbarians defeat Siad in the episode, "The Starbarians' Die".

Described as taking place "thirty thousand billion trillion years in the future", the Starbarians travel the universe ("a corrupted and hellish place [...] The mutated spawn of a million alien species have consumed all that was once good")[1] looking for "boobs and monsters".[2]

The Starbarians are defined as a "new breed of warriors" that have arisen; "ruthless and inhumane, restless and unstoppable. They are the only good guys worse than the bad guys."[1]

During the events of both the teaser and the first episode, "The Starbarians' Die", both Hogstrong and Killgar leave situations worse than before they involved themselves; in the teaser they leave the planet of Mammoria without honouring their agreement to slay The Beast of Gorlax, but not before taking a month's worth of alcohol, sex, and food, and in the first episode they rescue Princess Bustilda from Siad, only to kidnap her themselves later after the king disagrees with their "preposterous" demands.

Despite this, they apparently have a fearsome reputation as "incorruptible champions of the cosmos", according to Siad.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Starbarians" is a portmanteau of the words "star" and "barbarians".
  • After releasing the animatic made sometime during 2008–2009, it was revealed that there was an even earlier version of the storyboard which included a female Starbarian.[3]

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