"Ah, the famous Starbarians; incorruptible champions of the cosmos. I will do as you say granted you defeat me in a small game of chance. What do you say?"
Siad quote
— Siad, upon meeting Hogstrong and Killgar at his hideout on Galeron V.[1]
Siad The Starbarians' Die
Siad confronting Hogstrong and Killgar in the beginning of the episode, "The Starbarians' Die".
Appearances • "The Starbarians' Die"
Gender Male
Note(s) • First main appearance of a villain (The Beast of Gorlax was not shown beyond an image in the teaser)
Voiced by Harry Partridge

Siad is a character in Starbarians. He is described as an "evil snake wizard" who can "bend the very fates to his own evil will", and is introduced in the first episode, "The Starbarians' Die", where he kidnaps Princess Bustilda.

Although defeated mid-way through the episode, Harry Partridge has stated that he'll "be back at some point".[2]

Biography Edit

The Starbarians' Die Edit

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For an unknown reason, Siad kidnaps Princess Bustilda and takes her to his hideout on the planet of Galeron V. There, he awaits the arrival of the Starbarians, Killgar and Hogstrong, who aim to rescue the princess in hopes of a reward. When they do meet, Siad states he will allow them to save Bustilda if they can simply defeat him at a game of chance. His intellectual prowess and manipulation of fate prove futile, however, against the Starbarians' might, and he is quickly overcome by their brute strength despite winning. He is mercilessly beaten up, and even has his left arm amputated.

As they walk off with Bustila, Siad curses the Starbarians, stating that they will regret their actions. Killgar immediately returns to pummel him once again, leaving Siad's ultimate fate unknown.

Siad's dice are later used twice by the Starbarians; once on the king and once to "let fate decide" on where they should go next.

Episode 1.5 Edit

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As the newsreader closes her report regarding Trinosaur and the Starbarians, the news ticker states that Siad has returned just before the episode ends.

Trivia Edit

  • Harry Partridge tweeted that Siad is so named for two reasons:[3]
  • An early (2007) design of Siad can be found on Partridge's DeviantART account. The character was originally designed for something known only as Space Opera, but was "recycled" as a villain for Starbarians.[4]

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