Sheriff Starbarians
Concept art of the Starbarians character, simply named "Sheriff", by Joyce Oder.[1]
Also known as No Pants[2]
Gender Female
Note(s) • Was to appear in "Episode 1.5" before being cut
Voiced by Marianne Miller

The Sheriff is a cut character in Starbarians. On 8 April 2014, Harry Partridge tweeted her character design, which was drawn by Joyce Oder, and stated that she was to appear in "Episode 1.5", even going so far as to have Marianne Miller fully voice her.[3] For unknown reasons, she was cut from the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • Her voice actress, Marianne Miller, referred to the Sheriff as "No Pants" in response to Harry Partridge's reveal of the character.[2]
  • Partridge also mentioned that he would like to share the task of concept design with Joyce Oder more.[4]

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