"Starbarians! The evil baron Scrotor has kidnapped all one hundred of my smoking hot daughters and is planning a ritualistic blood-orgy for his mutanoid army. I, your king, command you save them."
King of Space quote
— The King of Space, requesting the Starbarians save his daughters.[1]
Animatic Scrotor 100 daughters
The evil baron Scrotor, having kidnapped the King of Space's 100 daughters in the animatic.
Appearances Animatic
Gender Male
Note(s) • Never encountered by the Starbarians during the animatic.

Scrotor is a character in Starbarians. He is introduced in the animatic, where prior to the episode's events he kidnapped the King of Space's daughters for a "ritualistic bloody-orgy" for his mutanoid army.

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The King of Space contacts Killgar and Hogstrong aboard their spaceship at the beginning of the episode and requests they save "all one hundred of [his] smoking hot daughters" from Scrotor, who "is planning a ritualistic blood-orgy for his mutanoid army". Here, the King of Space also describes Scrotor as a baron.

The two Starbarians agree to help, but are sidetracked during a bar fight on the planet Terrax after landing on the planet 2,000 miles away from Scrotor's lair. The narrator states at the end of the episode that the Starbarians eventually saved the women after "generally just [fucking] shit up" in other adventures, but it is unknown what specifically becomes of Scrotor.

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  1. Episode: Animatic
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