"At last, a new homeworld is ours. Native lifeforms, we are the Eternoids! And we are here for good."
Eternoid leader quote
— The Eternoid leader, seizing the primitive planet as the Eternoids' homeworld.[1]
Episode 2 primitive planet

The unnamed planet.

The unnamed primitive planet is a planet that appears in "The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians", first appearing in part one.

Zoa and other members of her species are native to the planet. They seem to be a pre-industrial society, living in a small communal camp, although the angular lines that pattern their tents, and the objects that crown them;[2] their green fire;[3] and the way their spears form (with a blade of green light forming around the tip)[4][5] is futuristic. They also have cattle endemic to the planet, which feature udders, large eyebrows, and a long proboscis akin to an elephant's or anteater's.[6] Both the natives and the flora have a purple hue and its water appears orange.

When the Eternoids land on the planet, the Eternoid leader claims it as their new homeworld and, in response to Zoa's question regarding the Eternoids' hostility to their "primitive" world, refers to it as "wretched".

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