"Truly proof that anyone can change."
Newsreader quote
— The newsreader, lauding the criminal Trinosaur after he apparently devoured the Starbarians.[1]
Episode 1.5 Newsreader close up
The newsreader reports that "the nefarious duo" are dead in "Episode 1.5".
Appearances • "Episode 1.5"
Gender Female
Voiced by Marianne Miller

The newsreader is a character in Starbarians. She is introduced in "Episode 1.5", where she presents the events of the episode following Hogstrong's plan to claim Trinosaur's bounty.

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Episode 1.5 Edit

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After Hogstrong and Killgar learn of their own bounty, Hogstrong comes up with a plan to seemingly get Trinosaur's. The rest of the episode is then presented as a newscast presented by the newsreader, who informs viewers of what happened.

She reports that Trinosaur, having devoured the Starbarians, was absolved of his crimes and awarded their "hefty bounty". Footage shows a large crowd celebrating Trinosaur and the apparent death of the Starbarians, but the audience sees Killgar and Hogstrong awkwardly standing inside Trinosaur's corpse, pretending to have been eaten by the monster dinosaur so that they can claim their own bounty, which is much higher than Trinosaur's.

Trivia Edit

  • On the day that "Episode 1.5" was released on YouTube, Harry Partridge thanked all those involved in its production. He specifically thanked Marianne Miller for voicing the newsreader character despite his "stoppy-starty-changey-mindy bs".[2]

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