Although no merchandise currently exists for Starbarians, Harry Partridge has expressed plans for releasing a graphic novel/comic book and action figures.

Graphic novel Edit

Graphic novel line art

An example page of the planned graphic novel of Starbarians.

Graphic novel coloured

An example page of the planned graphic novel of Starbarians.

Graphic novel coloured (sucho)

An example page of the planned graphic novel of Starbarians.

On 14 March 2013, Partridge stated that he was "working on some sample Starbarians graphic novel pages to show important comic people". An example page was posted alongside the Twitter message (both line art and coloured versions), which focused on Killgar and Hogstrong aboard The DD Rex, with Hogstrong expressing doubt in regards to their reputation and the details of their "ongoing mission".[1][2][3][4]

When asked, Partridge said that he still needed to work on the speech bubbles, which he found were tough to draw.[5] An example page was coloured by freelance artist, designer, and animator Phil Murphy[3] and later by Joyce Oder.[6] When further asked about working with "the big two" (presumably referring to DC Comics and Marvel Comics), Partridge said it would "be small time if anything happens".[7]

Action figures Edit

Starbarians figures

Prototype Starbarians figurines crafted by Joe Amaro.[8]

Partridge had previously teased the concept of Starbarians figures several times before revealing them; he posted a drawn image of them on 20 July 2012[9] and another on 23 August 2012.[10] On 22 April 2013 a photo of a base with the Starbarians logo was shown,[11] and a tease of an unpainted Killgar's arm was shown on 29 April 2013.[12]

Two figurines (of Killgar and Hogstrong) were finally shown on 20 August 2013, sculpted and painted by Joe Amaro.[8][13] Partridge said that currently they are only prototypes, but he and Amaro do plan on selling them eventually.[14]

When Partridge produced a short live-action video for the French dub of "Episode 1.5" (released on 7 September 2014) that stated he was currently working on another episode of Starbarians, it featured the action figures of Killgar and Hogstrong.[15][16]

They appear in an episode in 2017 when Killgar and Hogstrong transform into action figures in "Episode 3 (April Fools)"; Hogstrong remarks positively on his appearance, saying he "kind of [likes] this [transformation]". When asked, Partridge reaffirmed his desire to one day try to have them produced.[17]

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