"During their ongoing mission, the Starbarians stop over on the planet of Mammoria. For agreeing to slay The Beast of Gorlax, the Starbarians are treated to one month of alcohol, orgies, and the most succulent meat the galaxy has to offer... for they may never return..."
Mammoria quote
Teaser opening
Starbarians teaser Mammoria (original)

The original, uncensored planet of Mammoria (see below).

Mammoria is a planet that the Starbarians Killgar and Hogstrong visit in the teaser. Mammoria's inhabitants had requested the help of the warriors to slay The Beast of Gorlax, and fully rewarded them a month beforehand. After the month had passed, however, the Starbarians left Mammoria without ever confronting the monster.

The planet's colour features a heavy purple/violet tone. Throughout the teaser, only female Mammorians are seen - even an image of The Beast of Gorlax only depicts female warriors running away from it.[1] Whether this is because the planet is fully inhabited by females, or perhaps because their culture grants them higher status over males, remains unknown.

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See also: Teaser#Censorship

From space, a large nipple-like mountain/volcano could be seen; because of this, the YouTube video was flagged and taken down. More than three weeks later, Harry Partridge uploaded a censored version of the teaser, and the planet was edited to remove the nipple.

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