Bustilda The Starbarians' Die poster

A "Missing" poster of Bustilda, which identifies her by her large breasts rather than her face, appearing in "The Starbarians' Die".

Throughout Starbarians, multiple references have been made to breasts, mostly through names. The following is a list of these references.

  • Appearing in the teaser, the planet of Mammoria's name is most likely a reference to the mammary gland. Furthermore, the original uncensored planet had a nipple-esque feature that appeared in a space scene.[1]
  • There are a couple of references to Bustilda's large breast size throughout the first episode, "The Starbarians' Die"; the "Missing" poster, which has a photo of her breasts rather than her face,[2] and her name, which contains the word "bust".
  • The Starbarians' spaceship, The DD Rex (pronounced "The Double D Rex")[3] is shaped like a dinosaur (specifically a Tyrannosaurus rex) with large breasts. Its name refers to its bra cup size.

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