"Starbarians! The evil baron Scrotor has kidnapped all one hundred of my smoking hot daughters and is planning a ritualistic blood-orgy for his mutanoid army. I, your king, command you save them."
King of Space quote
— The King of Space, requesting the Starbarians save his daughters.[1]
King of Space
Animatic King of Space
The King of Space contacts the Starbarians in the animatic.
Appearances Animatic
Gender Male
Voiced by Harry Partridge

The King of Space is a character in Starbarians. He is introduced in the animatic, where he commands the two Starbarians Killgar and Hogstrong to save his daughters from the villain Scrotor.

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Animatic Edit

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The character appears only briefly in the animatic, where the spaceship's computer addresses him as the "King of Space". He appears on the computer screen as an elaborately-dressed old man wielding a scepter. He states that Scrotor has kidnapped his one hundred "smoking hot" daughters for an orgy. He claims that he's the Starbarians' king and thus commands the two save them.

The rest of the animatic follows the short misadventures of Killgar and Hogstrong on planet Terrax, where Scrotor is based, but the narrator assures the audience at the end that the duo eventually went "to go do that thing... which they eventually did".

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References Edit

  1. Episode: Animatic
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