King: "Killgar of Killgaria and Hogstrong LeStrong, for besting the evil snake wizard Siad in a battle of the minds, you have earned my people's trust, and for bringing back my dear princess and saving her from certain molesty-sexy-gross-type stuff, you've earned my love."
Killgar: "Urgh, gay..."
King quote

— The king, thanking the Starbarians for rescuing Bustilda.[1]
King The Starbarians' Die 2
The king speaks with Killgar and Hogstrong in the episode, "The Starbarians' Die".
Appearances • "The Starbarians' Die"
Gender Male
Note(s) • Unnamed character
Voiced by Harry Partridge

The king is a character in Starbarians. He is introduced in the first episode, "The Starbarians' Die", as an eccentric individual eager to thank Killgar and Hogstrong for rescuing Princess Bustilda from her kidnapper Siad.

Although the character is never named in the episode, nor is he explicitly said to be a king, it can be inferred that he is so through his dialogue, "Take anything you desire from my kingdom", and his ability to reward the Starbarians with vast amounts of weapons, alcohol, or money. If the royal family of his planet follows the same structure as that of real life monarchies, then it can also be inferred that Bustilda is his daughter.

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The Starbarians' Die Edit

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After the Starbarians rescue Princess Bustilda from Siad on Galeron V and return her home, the grateful, characteristic king thanks Killgar and Hogstrong profusely, wishing to grant them one of three rewards: either weapons, alcohol, or money. After a quick discussion among themselves, the Starbarians state they'll take all of it, along with Princess Bustilda herself. Surprised and at a complete loss for words, Killgar then asks the king, "What if we could defeat you in a small game of chance?"

The scene then transitions to a naked Killgar wiping his bloody sword aboard their spaceship; Hogstrong is also naked, and the ship is filled with everything they demanded – it is implied that they simply killed the king after winning the game and escaped with all of their requested rewards.

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