Joyce Oder
Joyce Oder Photogrounds
"Joyce Oder (Sucho) [measuring] Andrew Melzer's head for Blockhead."[1]
Credited as Colourist
Also known as sucho,[2] NGsucho[3]
Gender Female

Joyce Oder, also known as sucho,[2][3] is the colourist for Starbarians. She has coloured "practically every frame and background" of Harry Partridge's animations since 2010, including but not limited to the Starbarians series.[4]

Partridge has also stated that they are currently in a relationship,[5] and it was later mentioned in a Facebook update by Partridge that the two are engaged.[6]

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Director / lead animator Harry Partridge
Colour / animation assistance Joyce OderEmma-Louise WakleyMarion Bricaud
YOTTA animation assistance Cal MorayJake GanzJoel CheethamAudrey KareChris KoBrandon Clark
Musician Brian Sadler
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