Harry Partridge
Harry Partridge
Harry Partridge in 2010 (in "THANK YOU ALL!")[1]
Credited as Creator, writer, animator, voice actor, additional music
Also known as HappyHarry,[2] HappyHarryToons[3]
Gender Male
Note(s) • Born 17 August 1987[4]
• Won "Video of the Year, 2008" for for "Chuck's New Tux!"[4][5]
• Has currently voiced all male characters in Starbarians
• Engaged to colourist Joyce Oder[6][7]

Harry Partridge is a freelance Flash animator and the creator of Starbarians. He is also credited as the writer, animator and voice actor for the series, having voiced almost all of the characters himself, as well as creating additional music (not including the main theme, which was composed by Brian Sadler).

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Director / lead animator Harry Partridge
Colour / animation assistance Joyce OderEmma-Louise WakleyMarion Bricaud
YOTTA animation assistance Cal MorayJake GanzJoel CheethamAudrey KareChris KoBrandon Clark
Musician Brian Sadler
Voice Erica WexlerMarianne Miller
Other BenzaieHuHa!Joe Amaro‏‎