"During their ongoing mission, the brave Starbarians have stopped over on planet Galeron V to rescue the kidnapped Princess Bustilda from the evil snake wizard Siad, who can bend the very fates to his own evil will."
Galeron V quote
— "The Starbarians' Die" opening
Galleron V The Starbarians' Die

The Starbarians head towards the planet of Galeron V.

Galeron V is a planet that appears in the first episode of Starbarians, "The Starbarians' Die". The Starbarians arrive there to save Princess Bustilda from Siad, who has kidnapped her and taken her to his hideout on the planet.

The world appears to be an arid desert planet, and Siad's hideout is located there. Siad states that at least four moons orbit the planet, which orbits the Blood Sun of Vargon, and that when the fourth moon eclipses the sun, Siad becomes stronger.[1]

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  1. Transcript ("The Starbarians' Die")

    Siad: You will regret your actions, Starbarians! For when the fourth moon of Galeron V eclipses the Blood Sun of Vargon, I shall be stronger than– Argh! Fuck! No! Oh! Argh! Oh Christ!

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