"Oh, that poor man..."
Bustilda quote
— Princess Bustilda, remarking on Siad's defeat against Killgar's onslaught.[1]
Bustilda The Starbarians' Die 1
Bustilda tied up by Siad in the beginning of the episode, "The Starbarians' Die".
Appearances • "The Starbarians' Die"
Also known as Princess Bustilda
Gender Female
Voiced by Erica Wexler[2]

Princess Bustilda is a character in Starbarians. She is introduced in the first episode, "The Starbarians' Die", where she is tied up and incapacitated by the villain Siad.

Biography Edit

The Starbarians' Die Edit

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The villainous "evil snake wizard" Siad, an apparent manipulator of fate, kidnaps Bustilda sometime before the events of the episode, and places her at his hideout on the planet Galeron V. The king has requested for her rescue, to which the two Starbarians, Killgar and Hogstrong, agree to help. Upon Siad's defeat, Hogstrong frees Bustilda from the serpent statue she is tied to and they take her home.

When they return, the grateful king thanks Killgar and Hogstrong profusely for rescuing his princess, wishing to grant them one of three rewards. After a quick discussion among themselves, the Starbarians decide to take all of the rewards, along with Princess Bustilda herself, much to the king's bewilderment. After it is implied that they kill the king, Killgar and Hogstrong, both naked, are seen aboard their spaceship; Bustilda is helplessly tied up once again as the Starbarians fly off further into space, eager for more adventure.

Trivia Edit

  • Erica Wexler is credited for voicing Bustilda in "The Starbarians' Die",[2] although she only has one line.
  • There are a couple of references to Bustilda's large breast size in the first episode; the "Missing" poster, which has a photo of her breasts rather than her face,[3] and her name, which contains the word "bust".
  • On 10 April 2014, an NSFW animated loop was created by ZONE that features both Bustilda and Killgar.[4][note 1] It was linked to by Harry Partridge via Twitter.[5] Partridge announced the collaboration on ZTV News Episode 5 back in November 2013.[6][7]
  • In a tweet, Partridge mentioned that he would like to bring Bustilda back one day.[8]

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  1. Potential viewers will need a paid subscription to the website to view the animation.

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