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Release date 1 April 2013
Length 3 minutes 35 seconds
Note(s) • Made during 2008–2009 but released in 2013, before "Episode 1.5" and Episode 2
• First appearances of the King of Space and Scrotor
Credits Harry Partridge
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A Starbarians animatic (animated storyboard) was attempted as early as 2008, predating the teaser. It was uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video on 1 April 2013, soon after the release of "Episode 1.5".[1]

Creator Harry Partridge describes it as "[one of many] ancient attempt[s] at a Starbarians cartoon". The animatic remains unfinished – most likely contributing to it being an unlisted video – although it is largely watchable despite its lack of backgrounds and colour and a few unfinished scenes.

Development Edit

When Harry Partridge uploaded the video to YouTube, he described it as "a crude, incomplete animatic from 2008".[2] Thus, although it remained unpublished until 1 April 2013, the animatic precedes the teaser (released 3 September 2010) by roughly two years.

An accompanying tweet noted that an even earlier animatic was made which had a female Starbarian alongside Killgar and Hogstrong.[3]

As its name implies, the animatic is more storyboard than episode; the character designs for Killgar and Hogstrong are different, and the animatic lacks backgrounds and details for many scenes. Other scenes have little more than vague humanoid figures and arrows denoting their direction of movement, and the bar fight towards the end simply has a personal note stating "A BIG FIGHT GOES HERE". Despite all of this, the animatic is quite watchable.

In addition to its incompleteness, the animatic is also somewhat more explicit than later episodes; several women are seen completely naked with their breasts and nipples exposed, and the drunken heckler who speaks to the Starbarians in the bar refers to them as a "couple of off-worlder faggots".

The audio uses the original musical theme created by Harry Partridge; all other episodes use Brian Sadler's theme.

Plot Edit

The two Starbarians Killgar and Hogstrong are contacted by the King of Space to rescue his one hundred daughters from the evil baron Scrotor, who has kidnapped them to enact a "ritualistic blood-orgy for his mutanoid army".

The pair head to planet Terrax to confront Scrotor but land 2,000 miles away from his lair. After a brief encounter with a rare form of Terrachian Moonslug, they stop over at a bar for some food and beverage. After a heckler attempts to gibe the two Starbarians, a fight ensues which results in Killgar and Hogstrong destroying the bar. They ride away on motorcycles, each with a female in tow.

Closing narration states that the Starbarians continued on their way, having many adventures until eventually defeating Scrotor.

Transcript Edit

Scene 1 Edit

Narrator: Thirty thousand billion trillion years in the future, when all the evil that was to ever be has been, the universe is now a corrupted and hellish place. The mutated spawn of a billion alien species plagues the galaxy, creating a dangerous nightmarish void. It is in the cold, pitiless reaches of space that a new kind of warrior has arisen. A ruthless inhumane barbaric fiend: the Starbarian.

Aboard their spaceship, Killgar casually eats from a plate of drumsticks which is set upon the back of a woman he is having sex with. Hogstrong is sitting in the cockpit.

Computer: Incoming message from the King of Space.

King of Space: Starbarians! The evil baron Scrotor has kidnapped all one hundred of my smoking hot daughters and is planning a ritualistic blood-orgy for his mutanoid army. I, your king, command you save them.

Hogstrong: Well Killgar, what do you say?

The scene zooms in dramatically on Killgar's face.

Killgar: Shit's on.

A brief montage is seen as the two train, eat, drink beer, have sex, wash, do their hair, don their armour and equip their weapons.

Killgar: Set coordinates to planet Terrax.

The scene cuts to the villain Scrotor in his lair on the planet, smiling. The two Starbarians jump from their ship and land on the planet.

Scene 2 Edit

Hogstrong: Hmm... Scanner indicates we're about 2,000 miles from Scrotor's lair.

A massive worm-like monster bursts from the ground behind them.

Hogstrong: Incredible! It's a rare form of Terrachian Moonslug, native to this very planet and–

Killgar effortlessly fires a rocket at the Moonslug. He yawns as the rocket kills the creature behind them.

Killgar: You hungry?

Scene 3 Edit

The two Starbarians are seen drinking at a bar. The song "Lay Down" by Priestess plays in the background. The duo survey their surroundings and notice three drunkards approaching them.

Killgar: Bar fight.

Hogstrong: I know...

Terrachian heckler: Well, look-y here. Couple of off-worlder faggots, huh fellas?

Hogstrong: It's your turn!

Killgar: I know...

Killgar quickly kills the heckler by grabbing his own sword and driving it through his head, impaling him to the table. They then get into a big fight with the others. Afterwards, the scene cuts to outside, where the bar suddenly explodes and the two Starbarians are seen riding away on motorcycles, each with a female accompanying them.

Narrator: And on go the brave Starbarians, having many adventures along the way; they dined with the mutant thieves of Threndor, pleased the Snake-slugs of Glycon, they rode dragons made of guns, and battled the ferocious Zab. And generally just fucked shit up. All before eventually going to that place... to go do that thing... which they eventually did.

Video description Edit

An ancient attempt at a Starbarians cartoon. One of many.

As you can see, I didn't finish it.[1]

Reception Edit

As of 28 April 2013, the animatic has over 10,000 views and 723 "likes" to 2 "dislikes" on YouTube.[1]

Trivia Edit

Animatic Killgar.png Episode 2 tease.jpg
The scene in this animatic.
A similar scene in a later episode.
  • A scene in "The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians (Part 1)" recalls a similar scene in this animatic, in which Killgar is seen casually having sex with a woman whilst eating meat from a plate resting on her back. In this animatic, however, she can also be seen giving Killgar fellatio when the scene zooms out to Hogstrong in the cockpit,[4] whereas in the later episode the scene completely changes view when cutting to Hogstrong.
  • The song that plays during the bar scene is "Lay Down" by Priestess.
  • On 9 December 2013, Partridge uploaded a much shorter animatic showing "a possible Starbarians fight scene"[5] with rough animation.[6] The design of Killgar and Hogstrong implies that it was made after this animatic.

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Video Edit

Starbarians (Animatic)

Starbarians (Animatic)

Starbarians animatic

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